If you’re reading this, the chances are that you have just unexpectedly discovered that your basement contains water. Regardless of your location within London or the severity of the issue, BDS Drainage experts are here to help you with your basement flood damage and resolve it in a fast and professional manner.

Our Basement flood clean up service goes above and beyond when it comes to restoring your basement to the best possible state. We make sure that all the flood water is extracted and the basement is professionally cleaned. We also carry out a damage cleanup process which removes any debris and structural damage that has occurred in your basement.

Basement Flood Cleanup

Flood Cleanup Services London – Basement Flooding Cleanup

Our local teams are on call around the clock and can be at your flooded basement in less than 2 hours to extract, clean up & dry all water types.

Flooding can sometimes leave your basement contaminated by raw sewage, so it’s important to make sure you contact a professional flood damage company. This is because the proper measures need to be taken to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria. Flood water can sometimes get contaminated with sewage waste, which carries harmful components that can be quite dangerous. If your home basement has been flooded by sewage water, call our team at BDS Drainage on 02036 757 174 were will have your basement cleared.

Domestic and commercial Basement Flood Cleaning

It’s common knowledge that domestic properties can be significantly affected by flood damage, but commercial properties can also be at risk. At BDS Drainage, our basement flood clean up services in London is available to all buildings and properties that require our services.Water damage can be a difficult thing to clean and dry because of how damaging soaked conditions can be. The drying process can also take forever. Our flood damage restoration service in London however is very effective at resolving this issue. Our staff go above and beyond to make sure your basement. is kept in the best possible state.

Flood Damage Cleanup London – Flood Damage Cleaning – Drying Basement London

BDS top qualified engineers have a broad range of knowledge on all things plumbing and drainage including:

  • Basement floods
  • Burst pipes
  • Water tanks
  • Sewage backup
  • Drains
  • Tap overflows & rainwater
  • Basement waterproofing
  • Basement flood damage
  • Basement flood water disposal
  • Basement Tanking London

Basement Flood Cleanup & Sewage Cleaning London

Flood Water Extraction London – Sewage Cleanup Services London

BDS experts will arrive and immediately pump out any standing water from your flooded basement, ready for cleaning & drying.

Basement Flood Damage Cleanup Company London

We cover all different domestic and commercial property types from houses, basements, shops to shopping centres, factories, schools, restaurants & hotels.

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