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Boiler Installation

Your boiler is an essential part of keeping a home comfortable, safe and warm. When your boiler is not doing its job anymore, it may be time to have a new boiler fitted.

Boiler Installation is tricky business, which is why it’s recommended you use an experienced, licensed professional (Gas Safe registered engineer) to ensure yours is working as well as it should be. Gas Safe Engineers are qualified in dealing with heating/gas based problems within any domestic or commercial environment, including Gas Cooker Repair and boiler fitting services. Our specialists have a wealth of experience in boiler fitting, call us today for a FREE Boiler Installation quote!

boiler installation
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New Boiler Fitting

The reasons to opt for having a new boiler fitted are plentiful and completely depend on your personal situation. One of the primary reasons is the fact that older gas boilers are significantly less energy efficient, resulting in higher energy bills. So if you’re looking to save money on your bills, or your current boiler isn’t working as it should and you’re considering your options, speak to the experts at BDS!

Our experienced heating engineers specialise in safe, seamless boiler installations that get your new central heating system up and running in no time, helping to save you money. Alternatively, if you need boiler fitting as a matter of emergency, we can provide you with a rapid solution and a FREE quote today!

Emergency Boiler Repair

Just because your boiler isn’t behaving properly doesn’t mean you need to install a brand new one, of course. However, we recommend that you contact an expert to arrange for boiler repair as soon as possible.

Water or gas leaks and problems with water temperature are can be indicators of serious trouble. Unusual noises can be also be signs that something is operating out of the ordinary, and leaving them unchecked could shorten your gas boiler system’s lifespan.

A faulty boiler isn’t just less effective, but it can also be dangerous. If you smell gas or fumes, see signs of scorching or soot, you need to contact a specialist about emergency boiler repair immediately. In some rare cases it may even be necessary to evacuate the property until the Emergency boiler repair specialist attends the property and advises of the safest course of action.

Our experienced team has been dealing with faulty boilers for years, delivering boiler repair services across the UK for several years. Our boiler repair experts have diagnosed every problem under the sun and we are always well stocked with the parts and tools needed to fix just about any problem.

If you’re seriously concerned about the health of your system, contact BDS for Emergency Boiler Repair to have a Gas Safe Engineer provide you with a FREE quote and to arrange a time to visit your property as a matter of urgency!

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Annual Boiler Service

You might not readily be able to identify any issues with your boiler at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore it.

There are invisible dangers, such as exposure to CO2, that can be a result of the natural wear and tear boilers go through as they age. It is wise to have an Annual Boiler service completed by a professional to maintain the running condition of your boiler. Being proactive with an annual boiler service is also going to help you spend less on repairs in the long-term by spotting issues before they become crises, guaranteeing lower running costs

Our dedicated team of gas safe registered heating experts can provide you with a comprehensive annual boiler service, with collective decades of experience within the team and an assurance that you’re never going to be left with a job unfinished.

Gas Boiler Installation

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