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Clearing blocked drains Kent wide for commercial clients and domestic clients. Call your local engineers for drainage services!



We are the top choice experts for blocked drains, drain cleaning, CCTV drain surveys, blocked toilets, blocked sinks, drain repairs, drainage maintenance and other drainage problems in the Kent area. Call our experts today for a FREE no-obligation quote Call 01959 444 012.

Our drainage experts at BDS are experts in unblocking drains for domestic clients and commercial clients on commercial premises. Our dedicated and reliable blocked drain plumbers are armed with the appropriate drain unblocking equipment and have the required training and experience to resolve any issue you might have.

blocked drain survey icon in Kent CCTV DRAIN SURVEYS

Our blocked drain plumbers at BDS will carry out a CCTV drain survey or inspection using state of the art equipment to identify the cause of the blocked drains. This will typically be carried out before starting the blocked drain clearance process.

CCTV surveys help us to locate the drain blockage, diagnose the root cause of the blocked drain and understand whether or not drainage repairs are needed. Clearing blocked drains with high pressure water jetting without an inspection can result in another drain problem, such as burst pipes.

Drain Repairs in kent DRAIN REPAIRS

Our drainage engineers do not just specialist in drain unblocking or drain cleaning, we also provide extensive drain repairs in Kent for all types of domestic and commercial drainage, handling anything from sewage pipes to main drains.

We offer drain repairs Kent wide, with all types of emergency drain repair services at competitive prices, these include;

blocked sinks, blocked showers, blocked gutter cleaning, blocked toilet, burst pipes & more.

drainage contractors Kent EMERGENCY PLUMBERS

Its almost impossible to predict a plumbing emergency, which is why we have an emergency plumber ready 24/7 to tackle your plumbing issues.

Equipped with years of experience in providing drainage and plumbing services, we can resolve plumbing issues in your local area as a matter of urgency. With 24hr availability & a 1hr rapid-response time, BDS Drainage are the best choice of emergency plumber Kent has to offer, call to learn more about our plumbing services!


We don't just deal with blocked drains Kent wide, but we also offer drain pipe relining. Drain relining is a cost-effective method and a recommended alternative to many drain repair needs. Drain pipe relining can be done using non-intrusive ways that provide quick results, effective services and quality results in very little time. We cover all areas in Kent and the surrounding areas in Essex, London and Surrey for drain pipe relining.


BDS are an emergency drainage company are experienced in bathroom blockages and will clear any sink blockage, blocked bath, shower block or loo blockage at a reasonable price and at a time that suits you. Got a blocked drain in Kent? - With no call out charge, you can rely on us to fix your blocked toilet quickly and effectively.

Drainage company in Kent

BDS Drainage are expert contractors providing Plumbing & Drainage services throughout Kent. If you have problems with blocked drainage and require a specialist drainage company to clear it, we are the people to call! BDS Drainage is equipped with industry standard drainage equipment that is able to clear all blocked drains and provide comprehensive drain cleaning.

Our emergency drain unblocking technicians in Kent can be with you you within 24 hours. Contact us our BDS Drainage for more details!

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Whether its a family home, large commercial buildings or smaller business properties, BDS Drainage provide effective solutions for dealing with a blocked drain Kent wide, with a rapid response team can help you tackle every type of drain issue.

What Causes Blocked Drains?

Showering, shaving & brushing your teeth are a few examples of daily activities that increase the chances of eventually blocking a drain. Noticebly slow drainage is a sign of a blockage that could potentially be caused hair and general dirt or debris become wedged in your pipes. Build up of hair in shower and bath drains that is not dealt with could result overflowing water & evening broken pipe work. Depending on your location and the type of property that you live in, blocked drains can also cause a range of other issues, such as; septic tank issues, damage requiring guttering repairs & more. If you have blocked drains in Kent, you don't need to suffer!

BDS Drainage are Kent drainage experts offering FREE no-obligation quotes to tackle your drainage issue through a thorough and efficient service. Our engineers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing drain unblocking services.

Call The Best Drainage Company In Kent Today!

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Blocked Toilets Kent

Using drain rods and water jetting, BDS Drainage fix blocked toilets in Kent & the surrounding areas. Our local engineers specialise in remedying any toilet blockage at a competitive fixed price.

With a quick response time and no call out charge, you can rely on us to fix your blocked toilet problem, quickly, effectively and hassle free. We care about the environment & also about preserving the life of your drainage system, which is why we never use harsh chemicals to unblock your toilet. We utilise conventional mechanical methods to remove blockages within toilet systems, preventing corrosion or other unwanted effects of chemical drain cleaners.

If you need a reliable drainage engineer to fix your blocked toilet in Kent, get in touch with our experts today!


Blocked Toilets & Sinks in Kent

Blocked Shower & Bath Drain Kent

Blocked showers and baths are very common in the household, primarily occuring as a result of hair buildup, residue and shower gel or shampoos. On the other hand, the root cause of a drainage problem can actually be completely different to where you expect the problem to be. For example; tree roots & even fallen leaves on the external of your property.

Regardless of what has caused your blocked drain we can help fix this by following our variety of drain unblocking techniques:

  • 1. Locating the blockage using no-dig blocked drain equipment.

  • 2. Apply the least disruptive technique to clear your blocked drain

  • 3. Repair or replacement if necessary

  • 4. Apply future preventive methods to stop any blocked drains

  • 5. 100 day guarantee service with 24 hour emergency call out

  • drainage engineers providing drain unblocking in Kent

    Blocked Sink Kent

    Sinks are one of the most frequently used plumbing fixtures in the home, with typical uses, and causes of sink blockages, varying from which room the sink is located in. Soap scum from hand washing is found in the drainage system of every sink, however you will typically find lodged food waste & solidified fat in a blocked kitchen sink, whereas it is more common to find a build up of toothpaste & hair in a bathroom sink blockage.

    The occasional blocked drain issue can be fixed yourself, but it is always worth calling the specialists to unblock drains if the drain blockages are resistant to DIY methods!

    BDS Drainage is available 24/7 to fix any issues with blocked sinks in Kent. Our experienced team have an excellent understanding of the most effective methods to deal with drain blockages as quickly & as safely as possible.


    water jetting to unblock blocked drain in Kent