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What drainage services do we offer in the Surrey area?

Blocked Drains Surrey BLOCKED DRAINS

Our blocked drain plumbers at BDS, are experts in reliable and prompt drain unblocking services are utilised by domestic and commercial drainage clients throughout Surrey and the surrounding areas. Our dedicated and reliable blocked drain plumbers are armed with the appropriate drain unblocking equipment and have the required training and experience.


Our blocked drain plumbers at BDS, are experts in CCTV drain surveys and inspections. Our plumbers use state of the art CCTV equipment, which helps us to both locate the drain blockage and diagnose what is causing the drainage block, so that we can isolate these drain sections for emergency unblocking and drain repair.

Drain Repairs Surrey DRAIN REPAIRS

BDS, as an emergency drainage company, specialises in blocked drain cleaning services and drain repairs in all types of domestic and commercial drainage, handling anything from waste pipes to main drains. We offer all types of emergency drain blockage services at genuine low prices.


Its almost impossible to predict a plumbing emergency, which is why we have expert Plumbers ready to tackle problems in your local area as a matter of urgency. With 24hr availability & a 1hr rapid-response time, BDS Drainage are the best choice for Emergency Plumbers!

Drain Pipe Relining Surrey icons DRAIN PIPE RELINING

Drain relining is a cost-effective method and a recommended alternative to many drain repair needs. Drain relining can be done using non-intrusive ways that provide quick results, effective services and quality results in very little time. We cover all areas in Surrey.


BDS emergency drainage company is experienced in bathroom blockages and will clear any blocked sink, bath, shower or loo at a reasonable price and at a time that suits you. With no call out charge, you can rely on us to fix your blocked toilet quickly and effectively.

Plumbing & Drainage Company in Surrey

BDS Drainage are 5 star contractors providing Plumbing & Drainage services throughout Surrey. With specialist emergency plumbing engineers in Surrey at hand to identify and resolve any problems that you have with your drainage systems as well as the fixing and fitting of plumbing appliances.

Whether you have time to plan or you require services in an emergency, our experts can attend your property and fix any issue as a matter of urgency.

BDS Drainage Plumbing & Drainage company in Surrey

Blocked Drains Surrey

Quick, fast and effective blocked drain response team can help you tackle every type of blocked drains, drain blockage, including family homes, large commercial buildings or smaller commercial buildings in Surrey.

Daily use of brushing teeth, shaving, showering – just these simple uses increase the chances of eventually blocking a drain. Hair and general dirt or debris become wedged into the pipe causing blocked drains, which is what causes water overflow or noticeably slow drainage. Showers and baths are often drains blocked by the build-up of hair. No matter the cause of your clogged drains, BDS, as a blocked drains specialist in Surrey will be able to give a FREE no obligation quote to get the issue sorted for you quickly and efficiently. Our drainage company in Surrey has standby engineers 24 hours a day ready to tackle your blocked drains.

CCTV Drain Surveys Surrey

CCTV Drain Surveys Surrey

A CCTV drainage survey, also known as a CCTV drain inspection, is when a small drain inspection camera is pushed through a drain, pipe or sewer to locate the root of a blockage or damage in your drainage system. While the camera for the CCTV drain, surveys the area, the findings are recorded and displayed on a monitor.

All of our CCTV drain survey equipment is state of the art and purpose-built for CCTV survey, to give us the best results when producing your video footage, written drains survey report. If you are experiencing drainage problems, then a sewer survey or CCTV Drain Survey in Surrey could be what you need.

Blocked Drains Surrey

Blocked Toilets, Baths & Sinks in Surrey

A blocked toilet is always unhygienic and at BDS Drainage we can unblock your toilet quickly and conveniently using drain rods and water jetting. Our local toilet blockage engineers are specialised in blocked toilets and offer a competitive fixed price for our blocked loo services in Surrey and the surroundings areas.

With a quick response time and no call out charge, you can be sure to rely on us to fix your blocked toilet problem, quickly, effectively and hassle free. Unblocking toilets is our core business and our skilled plumbers and drainage experts can unblock any toilet, anytime, anywhere. We only use conventional mechanical methods to remove blocked toilet drain blockages – we never use any chemical drain cleaning methods and materials.

Blocked Toilets, Baths, Sinks in Surrey

Drain Excavation Surrey

Drain Excavation is sometimes the only way to bring your drainage system back into perfect running order. While in most cases a basic drain repair or cleaning may be enough, certain cases require a complete drainage excavation.

Most people try to ignore this service as it requires more time than a repair or cleaning service, but the fact is that a drainage system that needs excavation cannot be repaired any other way! BDS Drainage ensures that a drainage excavation service does not disrupt your routine and the services are completed as quickly as possible, keeping with the highest quality standards and desirable results. Firstly, it is important to understand why and when a drainage excavation is needed. Times when there are damages to the junctions or connections in the drainage system it becomes necessary to carry out drainage excavation services. Severely misaligned joints may also lead to drainage excavation.

drain excavation Surrey

Drain Pipe Relining Surrey

Drain relining (or no-dig technology) is a cost-effective method and a recommended alternative to many drain repair needs. Drain relining can be done using non-intrusive ways that provide quick results, effective services and quality results in very little time. Unlike time consuming and costly drain excavation services, drain relining is affordable and requires minimum disruption to ground and schedules!

But, drain relining is only suitable for pipes up to a certain measurement and only a drain relining expert will be able to effectively gauge the damage and recommend the best possible solution. If you are facing some drain or drainage system related issues, get in touch with an expert from BDS Drainage and understand the cause, effect and possible solutions for your specific blocked drain problem in Surrey and the surroundings.

drain pipe relining Surrey

High Pressure Water Jetting Surrey

BDS Drainage are a very quality-driven and flexible drainage company, we employ the best, qualified engineers who have a broad range of knowledge on all things plumbing and drainage.

We have a wide range of services on offer including the use of High Pressure Water Jetting in Surrey and the surrounding areas. This service is used mainly to clear and unblock drains in order to resume a healthy flow within your plumbing. Whether domestic or industrial, clear drains and pipes are essential to keep your property to the best standard. Keeping clear drains will reduce the risk of experiencing costly consequences such as cracked, burst and blocked pipes.

high pressure water jetting Surrey

Plumbers Surrey

When the waterworks go wrong in your home, there’s often a risk of serious water damage. It’s that time when you need someone that can react to the problem as soon as possible. So if you are looking for reliable plumbers in Surrey, look no further than BDS Drainage.

BDS local plumbers in Surrey are available 24 hours a day and we can usually get to your home within 90 mins. We cover all sorts of plumbing work, from mending burst pipes and leaking radiators to tap replacements and full bathroom suite installations.

Plumbers Surrey

Emergency Plumbers Surrey

Having any kind of plumbing problem can be a real pain, and it is often surprising how much of a strain it can cause. There are a huge range of possible issues which can occur with any plumbing system and it rarely comes at a good time.

When it comes to leaks, it’s never a good time. Some plumbing problems in Surrey might not be too much of a hassle, and you might even be able to carry on as normal for a few days. But it is also often true that they can be much more serious. When you have a real plumbing emergency on your hands, one of the first things you will be looking for is peace of mind. In order to have that, you need to be able to find a plumber you can trust and they need to be as close by as possible.

Emergency Plumbers Surrey