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Are you having problems with blocked drains?

Blocked drains can take you by surprise, and if you do not treat them quickly, they can lead to more significant issues. These issues can include structural problems and electrical faults.

Symptoms of a blocked drain are smelly drains, slow drainage, raised water levels and gurgling sounds. There are many potential causes of blocked drains, such as hair, dirt and debris, including small objects, food waste, mineral buildup, and even tree roots.

If you notice any of the above, there are a number of DIY Drain Unblocking methods you can try. For the more stubborn issues, you may need to call in a specialist. BDS Drainage can remedy a blockage in no time, restoring your drainage system to full working order, call us now for a FREE quote!

Blocked Drains

Why is your drain blocked?

There a number of reasons that could be causing your drain blockage, a few of these are;

  • Build up of Hair in Shower & Bath Drains
  • Grease & food build up in Sink drains
  • Plants, dirt & natural debris in Water Drains
  • Toiletries & other foreign objects, from wet wipes to childrens toys
  • Broken pipes within the drainage system
  • Poor water flow from lower than normal water pressure
  • Incorrect pipe installation
  • Unusually heavy wet weather can cause strain on drainage systems

Drain Unblocking Services

BDS Drainage specialise in drain unblocking services, with decades of experience in undertaking a range of drainage services, from conducting CCTV drain surveys and resolving blockages, to drain pipe relining & more intensive drain repairs.

The first step in this service involves our drain unblocking specialists conducting a thorough survey of your drainage system using state of the art equipment. This method involves threading a purpose built CCTV camera through into your drains to locate the blockage and display it on screen. This quick and effective method allows us to diagnose the nature of the blockage and devise the best way to tackle the problem, restoring your drainage system to working order as soon as possible

By ignoring blocked drains or choosing to work with unqualified workers, you risk damage to your home, building, or office that can have disastrous results on the structure and fittings. It is essential to work with qualified professionals when experiencing any drainage issues.


Our engineers are fully qualified, and DBS checked, and are always ready to deliver fast and thorough drain unblocking in your area. We are fully insured and Council and Health Authority verified to give you confidence and peace of mind when working with us.

A friendly and reliable experience is a pillar of our service, which is why our engineers are always careful, punctual and courteous. They endeavour to show you and your home the respect it deserves, while also providing a thorough resolution to your blocked drain problem and helping you understand the cause with additional preventative advice for the future.

If you would like to discuss our drain unblocking service and obtain a FREE Quote, give us a call today!

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Emergency Drain Unblocking

Blocked drains are a matter of urgency when you experience slow-flowing water, low water pressure from the taps and shower, floods inside and outside, and unusual sounds and odours from plug holes. These problems can lead to severe damage to the house or building so they must be dealt with quickly.

BDS Drainage provide an emergency drain unblocking service, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We aim for 1 hour rapid response time from our drainage engineers in your area. Alternatively, we will provide an accurate time scale where we will do all in our power to get to your property as soon as possible. This is part of our mission to provide 100% satisfaction and makes us one of the best choices of emergency drain unblockers in London, Essex, Kent & Surrey.

If you require an emergency drain unblocking, give the specialists at BDS a call, we can swiftly resolve the most stubborn of blockages simply and effectively.

Drain Unblocking