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Drain Testing Services

Any new drains should be tested thoroughly including inspection chambers and manholes for water-tightness and sealing, this should coincide with the British standards BS-EN-752:2008.

The Two types of Drain Test

There are two primary drain tests used to help locate any issues;

The Drainage Air Test -

An air test is a convenient and quick method to test single pipes and drain runs. The way an air test is undertaken involves a section of the pipe being isolated, using two different pressure gauges for around 5 minutes at a time; we can tell if there are issues within the drain if any change of pressure is recorded at a particular interval.

Air testing drains - one of the best methods for locating any drain problems but can only be used if the drain can be blocked on both sides for pressure testing.

The Drainage Water Test -

A water test sometimes called a "drop test" is a low-pressure method of drain testing. It works by blocking the end of the drain with a bung, then flooding the pipe with water. The water levels are monitored to make sure they stay stable during the test.

The air test is a quick, convenient method we can use to test single pipes and drain runs. The way we do it is by isolating the section of pipe that needs to be tested using plugs and setting two different pressures for five minutes each.

Any change in pressure over those five-minute periods is measured and recorded. In this way, air testing is a straightforward, effective method for many drain problems, although it can only be used on a drain that can be capped at both ends.

Who is required to be there for drain testing?

A building control officer will need to be present when testing a completed part of a drainage section; it's also good practice to check prior before the official test or during construction to make sure drainage will pass through without any issues.

What if the air test fails?

Failure during a test is not a reason to say there may be a leak in the pipeline if we locate a problem with the pressure during air testing a drain we then execute a drain water test to verify and find the problem.

What happens before we carry out a drain test?

Before testing any drain, the pipeline should be inspected for any obvious signs of leakage or damage. Jointed systems should be left and drained for at least two days before starting any tests to verify any problems.

How do we perform the drain test?

Drain tests are applied to a pipeline or drainage section between two maintenance holes. The short branches which are connected to the main run are tested unless they can be isolated for singular testing, IC's and manholes are tested separately using the water test.

How much does a drain test cost?

This is dependent on the number of drains that need testing if you can give us a rough estimate of the pipes, chambers and manholes which require drain testing we can provide you with a free quote today.

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