Unfortunately in London we don’t get the best weather and it can have a big influence on our households. At BDS Drainage, our blocked drain specialists understand that your home is your castle and so we are here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you solve any problems that the hazardous weather may bring.

Frozen, Broken or Burst Pipe Problems

The lower temperatures of London brings frost during the chilly, winter weather which means that there is a likely chance that pipes will begin to freeze. The trouble is, is when pipes freeze, they can also crack. This is because of the significant pressure from cold temperatures that can build up and cause pipes to burst.

NOTE: Never use a flame torch or any other flame applicant due to fire hazards. Open flame torches are the most common cause of pipe thawing related home fires.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Repairing damaged pipes before the winter months can help toward avoiding the hassle of frozen pipes altogether. BDS Drainage can come to your London located household and repair damaged taps/pipes with no charge for calling us out.  If your pipes are located under a sink or in a cabinet against an outside wall, you should let air circulate in these areas. Open cabinet doors to allow this circulation to have its desired effect.

You can place a small portable heater around areas of concern but please be aware of fire and electrical hazards. Wrap the pipe up in electrical heat tape. Insulate the cold pipes with foam insulation wraps, especially those in unheated spaces. You may want to leave on your heating at a low setting while you are away from your home in winter months.

NOTE: Do not leave heating systems on such as electric heaters, gas hobs or any open flames such as fireplaces. Always check the terms of Health & Safety and fire hazards within your household before making a decision.

Frozen, Burst or Broken Pipes in London – Leak Detection

Drying Out Your Home

Dry out any affected rooms by airing them out with open windows and doors and leaving your heating on. Leave any cabinets, cupboards or doors open or consider hiring a dehumidifier which will help dry out the room further.

NOTE: Be careful of electrical hazards with the humidifier.

Damaged Items and Property

Don’t immediately dispose of water damaged items as your insurance company may cover them. Store everything in a safe dry place, perhaps wrapped in or placed upon towels.

Full or Blocked Gutters and Guttering

During Autumn or Winter seasons, gutters can easily be filled with leaves, twigs and other garden waste. This waste builds up through out the cold months and has the potential to block down-pipes, drains and cause gutter leaks. For more information on gutter problems please see our gutter cleaning services in London section.

During a storm, heavy rain or snow it may be useful to keep an eye on your homes interior and exterior.

What to look out for:

  • Water overflowing from gutters
  • Pipes located on exteriors
  • Pipes located under your sink
  • Pipes located in an unheated crawlspace
  • Drains over flowing onto pavement
  • Down pipe blockages
  • If any pipes are frozen or coping against frost
  • Well-lagged pipes or plastic ones can be affected too
  • Freezing problems can occur twice a season
  • Frost can seep into open cracks within house brickwork
  • BDS can re-route some at-risk pipework but this should be discussed with the engineer on site
  • Check pipes situated in crawl spaces, outside walls and attics as they are vulnerable to freezing

Friends, family and neighbours may need help preparing for the winter, you could even agree to watch each-others houses over cold months or holidays.

Stop draughts with draught excluders for the bottom of doors or alternatively use rolled up towels or old clothing.

Frozen, Burst or Broken Pipes in London - Leak Detection

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