Wear, tear, and age should be expected to play a part in all appliances in the home and your central heating is no different.

The hot water pushing continuously from the boiler and through all the radiators in the home doesn’t always remain clean and healthy.

Certain problems can cause sludge and calcium to build-up, which leads to blocked waterways, rust and ongoing damage to the point you might need a whole boiler replacement.

Power flushing your central heating in Essex can immediately make a difference in the health of your home heating.

Central Heating Power Flush Essex

Signs you Need a Power Flush

Not everyone is fit to diagnose when sludge and calcium are building up through their central heating, of course. So, what are the signs you need a power flush?

– The most common sign is poor heating effectiveness. If the heating is very slow to start or you’re finding spots that aren’t getting heated at all, it’s a sign of a blockage.

– Many will bleed their radiator in an attempt to fix noticeable issues. If the water is discoloured, that means there’s a lot of oxide debris, rust and calcium thanks to blockages.

– If the boiler is turning on and off too frequently or breaking down, it’s a sign you need a fix immediately

Central Heating Power Flush Essex

If you Don’t Fix it

If you fail to act on the symptoms mentioned above, you will notice them becoming a much more frequent occurrence.

The bottom of the radiators will continue to fill with sludge, rust and calcium build-ups, resulting in more blockages.  To start with, this will make your heating much less efficient, meaning higher bills.

But blockages also lead to further stress on the heat transfer systems. The pumps, valves and hydraulics will start degrading and breaking down under that stress.

Eventually, that oxide sludge will corrode through radiators and heat exchangers, leaking and spilling onto floors, carpets and more, damaging everything it comes in contact with.

Replacing a boiler is going to be only one of your worries.

How BDS Drainage Can Help

One of our engineers can be out soon after you call for a power flush. When they arrive, they will connect a pump to your central heating system. This pressurised pump delivers cleaning chemicals specifically designed to break down the sludge building in the radiators and to dissolve the calcium build-ups through your pipes, eliminating the growth of more rust.

All contaminated water and any debris is collected and disposed of. Further issues might come to light depending on the severity of the buildups, such as parts replacements. But the power flush is necessary even if you’re replacing a whole boiler. Without it, you’ll start to see the same problems again.

Once it’s done, the difference is immediately noticeable. Your central heating will kick in much more quickly, you’ll have warmer radiators, and you’ll have a more reliable and efficient machine. Meaning lower future repair and energy bills.

Power Flushing Services Essex

Our experienced central heating engineers have performed countless power flushes and saved many boilers from an early retirement.

If you’ve spotted any of the issues mentioned above, get in touch and we’ll get your heating back in shape in no time.

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