No Call Out Fee – 24hr Emergency Drain Unblocking & Plumbing – From £19.50

Here at the BDS Drainage, as blocked drain specialists, we are determined to inform our clients and potential customers on all the hints & tips needed when it comes to plumbing and drainage. It is important to our company to have a website that is as beneficial as possible alongside our professional and skillful engineers, working hard 24 hours all across London. Customers come first with BDS which is why we have numerous offers of which most local companies are unwilling to match up with.

Unfortunately, emergencies can happen within any household or commercial building. Please call us out, there will be no charge for this and a team or a single engineer will be sent quickly to your residence. Follow our advice carefully and we will respond to your call promptly.


Leaks within the home can be either rapid or slow and gradual. Here are some tips:

  • Immediately turn off the water supply at the stop tap.
  • BDS can locate and resolve any leak or burst pipe.
  • If the leak is outside the boundary of your property or commercial building, but is still a concern please contact us for advice.


  • Isolate every electrical circuit by turning off the supply at the circuit board or fuse box.
  • Contact your insurance company.
  • Protect valuable items and remove if needed.
  • Do not touch electrical fittings.

Sewer and Waste-Water Flooding

  • Determine whether the problem is public sewer or held within a private system.
  • Blockages can be dealt with by us in a number of effective ways.
  • Treat footwear with disinfectant.
  • Keep children and pets out of the contaminated area.
  • Rubber gloves should be worn when searching within the water though we recommend staying clear of the infected area altogether.
  • If you feel unwell, contact your GP.
  • There are many health risks with Sewer problems, call us immediately.
  • Be aware of potential health risks.

Frozen and Burst Pipes

If you have got a burst pipe, you need to act fast to minimise damage, so here’s what to do:

  • Click here for avoidance hints and tips.
  • Locate and switch off stopcock.
  • If a property such as a school or office block is going to be unoccupied for long periods, water flow should be turned off and draining down the water within pipes should be considered.
  • Separate supply for drinking water.
  • Never use naked flames to thaw your pipes.
  • Turn off electrical appliances at the mains for leaks situated near sockets or any electrical equipment.

We aim to get the job done quickly to minimise any damage the burst pipe can cause. Act quick and contact us, we also specialise in drainage so if you need help on how to unblock a drain contact us for a 1 hour response time.


Got a blocked drain, toilet or bath? Emergency drain unblocking in London and the surrounding areas

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