For those who want to cook food of the highest quality, a gas hob is easily a better choice than electric, offering immediate and much more controllable heat to help you get exactly the taste you want.

However, as with all gas appliances, installing and keeping them in good condition isn’t always as simple as it is with the alternatives.

Our experienced, gas safe registered heating engineers offer a range of services to make sure that you’re spending more time making delicious food with your gas hob, not frustrated because it’s not working properly.

Gas Hob Repair Surrey – Installation, Servicing & Maintenance

Gas Hob Installation in Surrey

Whether you’re replacing an old gas hob or you’re getting your kitchen redone and want the brand-new appliances to go with it, you should always rely on qualified and certified engineers to make sure it’s installed properly.

Only Gas Safe technicians, like our team, are legally allowed to connect new gas hobs. When they do, they follow specific safety instructions and know how to check that the appliance has been fitted properly, keeping the connection to the existing gas pipe tight and secure, without any risk of leaks.

Installing a gas hob doesn’t take long and once it’s done, our engineers will ensure that the appliance has been inspected and is working thoroughly before they go.

Gas Hob Installation in Surrey

Gas Hob Repair in Surrey

Regardless of how small an issue might seem, problems with a gas hob should never be ignored. They can be more than a frustration, they can be truly dangerous.

Every year, people die from fires, explosions, and poisoning thanks to faulty gas installations or maintenance. That’s not supposed to scare you, but only keep you aware of how important it is to keep a hob working reliably.

Our heating engineers are more than just gas experts. They have done countless repairs on thermostats, spark plugs, electrodes, fans, burners and all the other parts of the cooker.

As soon as you pick up the phone and end up on the line with us, you’re in contact with Gas Safe certified technicians who know exactly what they’re talking about.

Gas Hob Repairs in Surrey

Gas Hob Servicing & Maintenance in Surrey

It’s recommended that everyone using gas in the home, regardless of which appliance it’s used for, gets them checked for any defects every twelve months.

When we service a gas hob, we carry out comprehensive checks on every mechanism, including how safely and efficiently it burns gas. There are certain invisible issues like carbon monoxide leaks that can sprout up if you don’t have the right detectors or experience of what to look for.

Not only will an annual service give you peace of mind. If you’re a landlord, then getting your Gas Safety Certificate updated every year is a legal requirement. Even if you’re not, then getting that certificate might be a requirement for home insurance companies.

Gas Hob Servicing in Surrey

You should always use services like ours that provide Gas Safe engineers when it comes to installing, repairing or servicing any gas appliance.

Otherwise, you risk needing further repairs and fixes in future and spending more money to get them.

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