At BDS Drainage we specialise in drainage and plumbing services offering help for any drainage or plumbing problems occurring in your household. We cover services such as drain excavation, CCTV drain surveys, pipe re-lining, tunnelling and high pressure water jetting.

We aim to work to perfection which is why one of the many services we cover is preventive drain maintenance – although plumbing and drain unblocking might be seen as useful, it can cause the problem of repeat blockages for instance in the case of problem gutters, which is why we work to prevent situations like this from happening.

Some of our services help to stop not only the severity of blockage situations, but to also prevent any future damage and blocks that could occur from build up, which would ultimately affect your home.

In addition to this, if it is problems from leaks, land drainage and private sewers that you are experiencing, then we can fix it.

Preventive Drain Maintenance London

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Preventive Drain Maintenance London

Tree Root Cutting

Tree roots are not something you would usually think about when discussing plumbing problems, but in actual fact they can cause massive issues if they are not handled with quick enough. Tree roots are strong enough that they can break into your drainage systems, which is why BDS Drainage also cater for important services such as these. We will cut away tree roots around your property, which will help to eradicate growth occurring in the sewers.

This is a service worth considering if you are concerned about trees near or in your property since it will help save time and money in the future. Tree roots can crack and access piping systems while smaller tree roots will access and grow within pipes ultimately blocking any pipe flow. In the end, should this happen you will have a bigger, costly job on your hands.

Gutter Clearance and Maintenance

We cater to clear out both home and industrial gutters, while also being able to replace any damaged or problematic gutters.

Pipe Work Replacement

Pipes can easily be broken, whether it is caused through a blockage or problems with water pressure, which is why we feel it is important for all of our engineers to be fully qualified for their positions and to know exactly how to replace pipework, along with being able to fix different pipe blockages.

Overflowing Gullies

The process of gully emptying and the cleaning of drainage systems also include grips, ditches, gullies and other systems.

We understand the importance of a quick and effective drainage of surface water from the carriageway as it contributes significantly to the safety of the road.

To stop any flooding on the road or standing water, our services include the cleaning of vegetation from grips and highway ditches, which can also be dug out when needed.

No-Dig Drain Technology

Here at BDS Drainage, we understand the importance of doing a job without the hassle of obstructing your homes foundations, which is why when it comes to fixing broken drains, we reline them, knowing that it is the simplest way with the least amount of mess. By installing a lining that will expand, forming another pipe inside the current one, it will restore your drainage system’s performance in no time.

Any gullies in urban and rural areas are to be cleaned on a programmed basis by Roads Services. If there are any concerns regarding the drain water levels or blockages, then please give us a call today. We aim to arrive in 90 minutes; We will investigate and resolve the drainage problem quickly and efficiently.

True To Our Word

BDS Drainage understand the customer’s worry of prices and the work involved when hiring people to fix jobs such as drainage, which is why before we start any work, a price will be discussed and we never charge you for any hidden extras. We are a drainage company that is not only honest but reliable too, sticking to a fixed price on the services we provide.

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