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Why is my Sewer Pipe Blocked?

There could be a number of things that are causing a blockage in your sewer pipes, one of the common reasons is roots. Roots can cause extensive damages to piping underground around your household. The roots invade your pipes because of the water flow inside, large roots can break and crack these pipes and small roots tend to grow to large numbers which clogs the pipes. Root masses can act as a net as they catch household fats, oils, grease, grit, tissue paper and other debris discharged from the household.

How Will I Know?

Drains that are slow flowing are a big sign of root problematic systems. If you notice slow water flow and gurgling noises in your drainage system and toilet bowl then it is likely that you are experiencing blocked or damaged pipes. An eventual complete blockage will occur if no actions are taken to remove the roots or blockage. The roots will grow and flourish in these perfect conditions which causes more problems, growth means roots will expand and create pressure within the pipe, which causes the pipe to crack and break. Structurally damaged pipes and pipes suffering from severe root intrusion will require replacement.

root blockages in Lonodn

What can be done about this?

Refrain from planting trees, hedges and other plants near the sewer lines
Plant trees at least 10 ft away from pipes to minimize root issues
Choose small slow growing species with less aggressive roots
Schedule a regular pipe clean/clearance service of your sewer lateral
Keep sewer lateral structurally sound

What next?

Have you heard gurgling sounds in your toilet system? Are you unsure of your pipes current condition? Do you have trees or plants situated near your drainage system? It may be worth taking advantage of our CCTV Drainage Service in which BDS Drainage Specialists can see the damage or problem causing your pipes to flow incorrectly. Due to the high definition recording, we can precisely locate any cracks or blockages that are responsible for your drainage issue. Our inspections can leave you reassured that either your pipes are clear or that our specialist engineers are there to solve any issues fast. Our skilled engineers work in your local area and are equipped for many eventualities and will give a price upfront as part of our NO HIDDEN FEES policy.

Problems that can be detected by CCTV surveys, which include: fractured pipes, broken segments, children’s toys, pipe intrusion, tree and plant roots, other garden debris such as leaves, fat build up, grease, mobile phones, displaced joints or initial poor pipework, plastic or metal drink cans, other household items and more.

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