Your boiler is central to your home’s water system. But it also tends to rely on something else – the cylinder. Such cylinders store the water, so they are clearly an important part of the whole network. There are two main types of hot water cylinder – vented and unvented.

Both have their benefits and drawbacks, but many find that unvented is a good choice for their home or workplace. If you are curious to know how an unvented cylinder works, it is relatively straightforward to explain.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinders Surrey – Installation, Repairs & Servicing

How an Unvented Cylinder Works

An unvented hot water cylinder takes its water supply from the mains directly, rather than storing it anywhere nearby. It is connected directly to the main, so you will probably find that the pressure of your water is stronger than it would be with a vented hot water cylinder.

An unvented cylinder also has in-built safety features, something which absolutely appeals to many people who are rightly worried about being safe in their own home, or place of work.

There are other benefits to an unvented hot water cylinder too. Because they don’t require any kind of a tank, they usually take up less space in your home. This is clearly hugely important for many people, and it is one of the main boons of this type of cylinder.

They also tend to be more robust, and last longer than vented hot water cylinders.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Repairs in Surrey

Unvented hot water cylinders can run into problems, like anything else. Because of their sophisticated technology (in comparison to vented cylinders) they sometimes require a little extra maintenance. Fortunately, we are able to help you out on that front.

If you ever find, or suspect, that something is going wrong with your unvented hot water cylinder, you should get in touch with us immediately. We are able to come out to you swiftly and offer a competitive rate for doing so. We can quickly and effectively fix whatever might be wrong with your cylinder and we do so without causing a disruption to your day or your home.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Repair in Surrey

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installation in Surrey

If you just want to have an unvented hot water cylinder installed, then you can be sure that we are the ones to call. We are a top plumbing company in Surrey, and we have huge numbers of past satisfied customers behind us, so you can be sure that you will get the service you require.

Similarly, we are able to offer great rates for general regular maintenance and servicing of your unvented hot water cylinder. This will help to ensure that it does not experience any problems in the long run, something which we can all agree is a great idea.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Installation in Surrey

For anything you might need in relation to your unvented hot water cylinder, do not hesitate to get in touch.

We offer a professional and dedicated service and you can be certain that you will get exactly what you need, every time.

Give us a call today to discuss what we are able to do for you. You might be pleasantly surprised at the quality of our service and the rates of them too.

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