What is a Manhole?

Manholes go by various different names: utility hole, cable chamber, maintenance hole, inspection chamber, access chamber, sewage chamber, or confined space. They are an opening to an underground utility vault used to house an access point for underground drains and maintenance.

Underground Drainage Chamber in London

BDS Drainage will sometimes perform or use maintenance holes to gain access into sewers or perform confined space services. With severe blocked drains or sewage systems you may see a blockage once the manhole cover is lifted.


Sewer Inspections London – Health & Safety

Manholes and sewers are exceptionally dangerous places. Gases may be present that can injure and kill. It is strongly recommended that all work on live sewers is undertaken by drainage specialists – so you’re in luck! All our engineers are able to work within confined spaces with extensive training and accurate qualification certificates.

Always consult a professional’s advice before attempting to solve a plumbing or drainage problem. Attempting to repair these issues with help from DIY websites and leaflets without consulting a drainage plumber can cause an incredible length of complications. These complications can include health risks, expensive botheration, you may further damage your own or someone else’s property and will have to accept full responsibility.

Blocked Manhole in London?

Manhole Maintenance London – Access Chambers London

Problems with manholes can appear similar to any other aspect of drainage. Manholes can sometimes collapse from general use or heavy weights putting pressure on them for a long period of time. Advanced resins, seals and grouts can seal leakages which can help prevent expensive digging or rebuilding. Manholes can be rebuilt or replaced.

If you have any concerns regarding the state of drainage conditions currently, do not hesitate to contact BDS. We have the skill set and knowledge to tackle both the interior and the exterior of your home or commercial property.

Manholes and sewers are exceptionally dangerous places – DO NOT TAKE RISKS

Blocked Manhole London - Inspection Chambers Drainage

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