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At BDS Drainage, as blocked drain specialists, we take on various areas of ‘foul water’ work, including sewer unblocking, private sewers, cess pits and septic tank services. Sewers take sewage from toilet systems, bathrooms and kitchens. BDS have a full range of drain unblocking services including unblocking sewers.

It is hard for individuals to work out who to call in terms of sewer problems, as the pipework is underground. It can be hard to pinpoint who owns what and who holds the responsibility. Similar to drains, sewers also become blocked from time to time and it can be a real health risk if the sewage overflows. If you are to call out BDS engineers for a sewer problem, appropriate protective clothing and equipment will be worn in order to deal with a sewer blockage. We will tell you whether the affected pipe is yours or if it belongs to your WSC. If it belongs to you, the BDS Drainage engineers can help.

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Honesty is our policy, which is why customers are assured of a diligent and expert solution to their drainage issues. Foul Drainage carries the used water from toilets, sinks, baths, showers, dishwashers and washing machines. Above-ground pipework is referred to as sanitary pipework; the underground pipework is usually referred to as foul drains, foul sewers, sewer drains or sewer pipes.

In addition to Emergency Response and domestic services, BDS also take on Commercial and Industrial sewer work. The BDS team, as blocked drain specialists have fully qualified teams and talented engineers who, over years of experience, have developed solutions to deal with all sewer and drainage systems. BDS are here for local companies through out Kent, Essex and London. Rest assured that we can resolve any type of sewer blockages from your property or building. Our current custom and previous clients include: Office blocks and large buildings, factories, hotels, camp sites and shops.

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