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4 Common Reasons Your Toilet Won’t Flush & How to Fix It

We visit our bathroom a few times per day and we always do all in our power in order to keep it clean at all times. Obviously, this might not work all the time which is why it’s always a very good idea to take your time and figure out the reasons why the toilet doesn’t flush any more. With that in mind, here are some of the most important reasons why the toilet isn’t offering the type of results that you want.

The toilet is clogged

There are many reasons why your toilet might get clogged, because either you want to flush items that don’t belong here or you just use way too much toilet paper. No matter what is the case, there are always options to address this type of issue and that’s why identifying the problem will help you find the necessary fixes.

Thankfully, you can solve this issue in a simple manner. You can use a toilet auger or plunger as this will enable you to push the waste through. Do that multiple times and try to continue flushing, at some point it will work. A good idea to prevent this is to use thinner toilet paper as it will make the process easier.

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The water level is very low in the water tank

Sometimes there’s no water source and thus your water tank will have low water levels or even no water at all. The issue here can be from the water pipes. Check the valves and see if there were turned off or try to figure if there’s a leak. These are the 2 types of problems that can cause such an issue, so try to address them the best way you can.

The flapper is warped or bent

The rubber flapper is not that powerful so it might take quite a bit of time for you to get an amazing experience here. It’s all about finding the right value and rest assured that the outcome will be great at all times. Instead of trying to repair the flapper, the best approach here is to just replace it. Go to the local store and ask for a new flapper, you can even purchase 2 so you can have a spare one in case issues like this might appear once again.

The lifting chain is stuck

If the lifting chain is stuck and this comes from the fact that it had too much slack. This will make it very hard for it to raise the flapper and thus it will be close to impossible to get the right strength. Thankfully, the way you address this is by adjusting the chain length as you have to make it shorter. If you do that then you will allow water to flow properly and the results will be great because of that.

In conclusion, these are the reasons why the toilet won’t flush. If you encountered any of these issues just check the solutions we mentioned and you won’t have a problem getting the best results. Do that and you are bound to be amazed by how fast you can solve these issues.

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