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By: BDS Drainage

Dropped Something Down The Drain – Retrieval Missions

If you’ve ever dropped something small or extremely valuable down the drain, you’ve probably thought it was lost to your forever. But there’s actually a pretty regimented way to get whatever you lost out of there. With some proper tools and a stomach that’ll let you endure some mildly gross steps, you can retrieve items you’ve lost on your own. And even if what you lost isn’t that valuable, it’s best to get it out of there lest you have a clogged drain later down the line.

Tools You Need

First and foremost, make sure you turn off the water the moment something gets washed down the drain. If it gets taken beyond the drain, you’ll never see it again unless you feel like going on an incredible adventure through your city’s sewers. If you manage to save it before then, you’ll want to get your hands on some rubber gloves, a basin, and a pair of Slip Joint or Groove Lock Pliers before you get to work. Thankfully those are the tools you’ll need.

Obviously you want those rubber gloves because you’ll probably be fishing through some pretty gross stuff while hunting for your real objective. Then you can go ahead and set your basin beneath the P-trap. Once that’s done you can go ahead and procure that pair of snap pliers you’ll need, and you can get down to business.

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The lower slip nut ring will be your first target, as you’ll need to loosen this to fully remove the P-trap. Once you’ve loosened it you can simply slide it up to release one end of your P-trap. After that you will do the same to the upper slip nut ring. Once you’ve done all of that the P-trap can be removed, but you’ll want to be careful with it because this is where all of the gunk and nasty stuff gets caught up.

Speaking of gross, this is the part where you turn that P-trap upside down to release all of that nasty stuff into that basing you brought along. This is the part where you’ll be glad that you had those rubber gloves. Hopefully whatever you lost in the drain will be in that pile of gunk and goo somewhere, at which point you can fish it out.

This is also a good time to go ahead and clean out that drain before putting it back on, if you have the will to go through such a process.

Need A Professional? Contact Us For Help

If you aren’t really comfortable with doing this process yourself, you can always turn to professional help. It may be more expensive, but it will at least get the job done without fail, provided that your lost item is still in the drain and not floating around the UK’s sewer system. Just keep in mind that’s retrieving your object yourself is not a hard or costly process: just a very unpleasant one. If you can stomach that you should do it, if you can’ call the pros.

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