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Brown Water From Tap – Rusty Water in Taps – 10 Causes

Clean, sparkling and clear water that is also refreshing to drink, use for cooking and bathing is a vital commodity. Water is vital for human health, and it is hard to go a day without a glass of water. However, many times we don’t know what properties are contaminated in the water used in many homes, hotels and public places.

Some of the organisms found in water consumed on daily basis are harmful to human health. You can imagine a situation whereby you wake up early in the morning to get a glass of water straight from the kitchen tap, and end up with a brownish, reddish or orange liquid. It’s indeed awful.

Brown water coming out of taps is one of the common problems that lead to plumbing emergencies.

Whenever you experience brown water from tap or toilets, you should not assume this as a simple occurrence, and that the water will change to the normal colour within a few minutes. More so, don’t hesitate to call for immediate emergency plumbing services.

So what causes rusty and brownish water in kitchen taps, baths and toilets. Here are the top 10 causes of discoloured water in many homes;

1. Water main breaks

Water mains may have rust that may be displaced into the normal water flow system. Most of the water main pipelines are made of cast iron pipe or metals that are prone to rust and end up delivering rusty water to your home. This may be a problem affecting the whole street.

You need to check around and ascertain whether others in the area are experiencing the same problem. If other homes are experiencing the same rusty and brownish water problem, you need to flush your entire plumbing system for a specified period of time.

2. Rusty plumbing system

The plumbing system can be old and the pipes corroded thereby affecting the water flowing to your storage system. As a result of corrosion, rusty sediments settle on the bottom of pipes and contaminate the water making it to change colour.

3. Corrosion in copper plumbing

Copper pipes corrosion may be as a result of low levels of acid water and high levels of alkaline water. High levels of dissolved oxygen and salts in water can also cause rusty copper plumbing. Corrosion causing bacteria such as sulfate can also damage copper pipes. The most commonly highlighted cause of copper corrosion is the improper grounding of electrical appliances to the copper plumbing system. All these incidents will also lead to taps leaking brown water and other connected plumbing problems.

4. Iron in your water source

It is possible that the source where your water comes from has iron, and there is a likelihood that your water is rusty. You need to conduct an analysis and determine whether your water source has iron, which is the primary source for discolouration problems in the water distribution system.


5. Fragmentation of low-quality bronze alloys in valves

Bronze is one of the common metals used to make water pumps and their parts. Bronze valves disintegrate and contaminate the entire water flowing through the plumbing system. The bronze deposits will cause the water to turn brown and rusty.

6. Sediments from a hot water system

If you are fond of using hot water in your home, the hot water system may thus be the source of rusty and brownish water in taps. There are sediments that settle in the system and may corrode the system causing water discolouration.

7. Old pipes

Many old plumbing systems are prone to problems that can lead to water running brown. These pipes are mostly rusty and cause water discolouration that can be harmful to your health.

8. Water system pollution

If you have a groundwater system and you are experiencing coloured water in your taps, there is a likelihood that rainwater may have washed chemicals into the system. Some of the chemicals that may contaminate your groundwater include pesticides and motor oil.

9. Air

Air that may be trapped in your water system and water appliances can give the water a cloudy appearance that will change the natural colour of water.

10. New water sources

A new water source is another common cause of changes in water quality and colour. A change in a water source can also be linked to contamination of water in many homes. Change in water flow is also a known to affect the look, colour, taste and healthfulness of water at home.


Health Issues Associated with Drinking Contaminated Water

Water is vital for human health, but it is extremely dangerous to drink contaminated water. There are rusty water pipes health issues reported on a daily basis, and it is wise to find solutions to these water-related problems. Iron is found in most water sources, but when exposed to trapped air in pipes, it can be hazardous.

One of the common conditions caused by drinking contaminated water includes iron overload. Iron overload if not properly handled can lead to hemochromatosis a severe condition that can also damage your body organs. If not properly treated, hemochromatosis can also lead to liver problems as well as heart diseases. You can easily identify iron overload via a blood test.

Water with excessive magnesium and iron can also affect your skin. Brown bath water can easily damage your skin cells and lead to wrinkles. A skin condition such as eczema occurs as a result of soap scum residue that has been left on your skin after bath.

Besides many health issues, brown water from cold tap can also cause unpleasant as well as dark concoction in beverages such as tea and coffee. In addition, water with excessive levels of iron is not good for cooking. Iron residues can also stain clothes, utensils and leave dark stains in your bathtub and toilet bowl. If you notice that the water coming out of the tap is brown, it is wise to try to resolve the issue yourself, or contact a plumber asap!

If the problem becomes something that you would like address urgently, call the experts and BDS Plumbing & Drainage;

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Easy Ways to Get Rid of Brown Rusty Water

There are incredible ways that you can rely on and figure out how to clean rusty water pipes. Cleaning rusty pipes is a doable procedure, but it also requires certain skills and expertise. It is advisable to seek professional plumbers to help if you find it challenging.

Here are helpful ways to solve the water discolouration problem;

Drain or flush the water tank thoroughly via the drain valve.

It can take you more than 20 minutes to flush the rusty and brown water from your water system. You can also use your hose pipe to clean dirty water off your water system.

Use rust removers

Rust removers are credible chemical agents that will help remove rust thoroughly. They use mild acids and abrasives to remove rust.

Fix rusty pipes

If you are tired of dealing with rusty water pipes, don’t hesitate to replace these pipes with new ones. You may find it challenging, but it is wise to seek the services of professional plumbers and have the work done within the shortest time possible. If you have been using galvanized pipes, you can replace them with plastic pipes that are more convenient and don’t rust.

With the many health problems associated with drinking contaminated water, you should not hesitate to seek professional help solve the rusty water from taps issue. If you don’t know the best plumbing experts that you can rely on in your locality, it is wise to seek referrals and consult with neighbours who have sought such services before.

The Bottom Line

If you are experiencing brown water in toilet or kitchen taps, it is not a normal occurrence and you should take immediate actions. Such an occurrence means that your water system is contaminated with harmful residues, and it needs immediate plumbing solutions.

BDS Drainage is a reliable plumbing company that is eager to solve your water system problems. The company is committed to customer satisfaction, and it is fully staffed to solve all your plumbing problems. Make that call today and have clean water in your home.

10 Causes of rusty water in taps

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