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By: BDS Drainage

5 Strange Things Found in Drains

Have you ever wondered what caused your blocked pipes or why there was recently blocked sewer drains?

While at the time, experiencing a blocked drainage pipe or sewer may be incredibly annoying, it is interesting to find out what caused the problem. Generally, it is because we have been flushing things down the toilet which should not be flushed, however, many strange things have been found in drains and sewer systems.

While there are many causes of blocked sewers, we are going to share with you stories on 5 strange things found in drains.

Alligator Found in Sewer

The stories about alligators in sewers is true in Tampa, Florida’s sewers!

An alligator 14ft in length has been found in a sewer in Tampa – unsurprising to hear that the workers of that sewer got quite a bit of a scare!

Florida usually finds a couple of alligators every year in their sewage system, one of the popular stories dating back to June 2016, with an 11ft decomposing alligator being found in a storm drain by some plumbers after several complaints were made about a bad smell.

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Gross Things Found in Sewers

You may have heard of the popular story back in November 2014 about London sewers blocked, which were causing big problems with the publics drainage system.

With the Thames Water blocked sewer services being called out, it was shocking to hear that down in London sewers was a 66ft fatburg. The fatburg created of faeces, sanitary products and wet wipes blocked sewers in Westminster.

People Found Living in Las Vegas Sewers

Welcome to the City of Las Vegas sewers. In this unbelievable story, we found that Las Vegas’ sewers have been transformed into an underground house, with around 1,000 people living in the sewers.

The homeless community have created a life for themselves living in the storm drain system. While they have made it a homely environment through collecting unwanted furniture to make it a comfier place to live, it is also an extremely dangerous location for them, considering the flash-floods that could potentially wash them away, along with it being extremely dark with barely any natural light.

Piranhas Found in Sewers

In April 2014, one of the weirdest things found in the sewers in the Midlands, was when residents noticed and complained about a fishy smell coming from the drains.

Lucky they had complained as it turned out there were 6 man-eating piranhas. While the 6 piranhas were found dead, the local residents feared the possibility that there could be more of them alive in the sewers.

Baby Found in Sewers

The strangest thing found in the sewer (while also being one of the most horrifying stories) was a baby who was left abandoned in a drain in Sydney not long after he was born. This occurred in March 2016 and the baby suffered from bleeding to the brain. He was luckily found by two cyclists five days later and appears to be in a healthy condition. The mother admitted she feared disapproval from her family, so left her baby son down a stormwater drain.

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