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What To Do If Washing Machine Smells Like Sewage?

If you have noticed foul, sewer smell from your washing machine or a general foul smell from your laundry room, don’t fret. This article is for you. In this article, you will learn how to discern, combat and prevent your washing machine smelling like sewage and the foul rotten egg-like smell emanating from your laundry room. Dive in!

Surprisingly, this is a prevalent problem among washing machine users, so you shouldn’t be too concerned. Most modern washing machines simply require self-cleaning. Everyone can do it. Every person should be able to. Often, the smell is as a result of the culmination of past used detergent-infused water. Following a couple of simple steps should get rid of or at the very least reduce any such offensive smell. These steps, of course, are included in this article.

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What Do I Do When I Notice A Smell?

The first thing to do when you notice an offensive odour is to try to discern where the odour is coming from. Usually, the smell may be coming from the pipes laid into the wall to trash the used water. You need to find out first. Finding the source of the smell is the key to getting rid of it. So, what you should do is to take small, measured breaths and try to single out the smell with your nose. Only when you have found the source can you then go ahead with the next steps.

It is important to note, however, that offensive smells may be coming from different parts of the laundry room and even different sections of the building. A single room or section should not be ruled out. The rotten egg smell could be coming from your kitchen or trash can close to the building. You should know that because something smells does not necessarily mean it’s coming from your laundry room.

What’s Making My Washing Machine Smell?

There are several possible reasons why your washing machine smells. The most common reason is poor maintenance. Yes, this may surprise you, but many washing machine users have no idea how to maintain their machines. Simple maintenance steps should be taken periodically to guarantee the efficiency of the machine. Simply because your machine cleans things does not mean it does not need to be cleaned – or at least looked after. Your washing machine needs as much attention as any other gadget or machine!

washing machine smell

Another possible reason why your washing machine may be smelling is if some parts of it develop a fault. Like all electrical gadgets, washing machines are prone to damage and faults. A mechanical part of it may develop some random fault which may cause the smell. What you need to do, then, is to employ the services of professionals in the field who will inspect the machine for you and ascertain what the problem is. Although a washing machine does simple things, it is a complex barrage of circuits and wires so do not attempt to ‘repair’ it yourself if you do not have the necessary skills and knowledge involved.

New washing machines have hoses and drains that let out used water in them. When those drains are clogged, some smells may be emanating because of the residue inside the drains. That, naturally, will cause such smell. There are many things that one can do to prevent such smell. Steps to take to get rid of the smell will be explained in the course of this article.

Another reason could be the installation of the washing machine. Many washing machines are installed incorrectly. And though they may work in the meantime, such washing machines run high risks of developing faults which can then lead to the foul smell. This is why installing a washing machine on one’s own is not entirely advised. Faults may occur as a result of such installation. Some professionals deal with washing machine installation and repair. The services of such professionals should be procured to avoid any disasters.

Can I Avoid The Foul Smell?

Yes, you can! You can avoid any offensive smells coming from your washer. However, if such a smell does occur, it is important to know that it is actually very common among washing machine users, so there is nothing to worry about. Several washing machine users encounter the same problems daily, and it does not necessarily mean that you do not know how to take care of your laundry room. It may be because of some reasons highlighted in the above paragraph. The smell can be avoided except if your machine is at the end of its lifeline and repairing and replacing its parts no longer suffices.

How Do I Combat The Foul Smell?

Combating the smell requires following a list of steps. In less serious cases, one can even find the source of the problem and find a way to fix it by oneself! However, in more serious cases, procuring the services of professionals in the field is a smarter and better move. Some of the steps that can be taken will be highlighted in the following paragraphs.

  • Periodic Cleaning and Maintenance

This works like magic. Sometimes, the only thing you need to do is to clean up your washing machine. Your front loader will smell like sewage if you do not take appropriate care of your machine. Clean it as often as you can. To get rid of smells from the front loader, you can make use of vinegar and soda to deodorise it. While cleaning, however, you should remember that bleach should never go in the front loader. Don’t bleach it. That will only make it worse. The cleaning should only be done with detergent. Make sure to get to every nook and crannies. Everyone can do this. One only needs to roll up one’s sleeves.

  • Unclogging Clogged Drains

Unclogging clogged drains are more important than you think. Ventilation pipes could be clogged and redirect sewage water into your home. You’ll have to be ready to get dirty for this, however. You need to check personally all the pipes connecting to the washing machine and the pipes that are connected in your home. Usually, the problems may be coming from there. Plastic, nylon-made materials, polythene may be stuck in the pipes. By removing those foreign materials that may hinder the appropriate process of the vents pipes, you will not only be ridding your home of foul sewage smell; you’ll also be avoiding possible future calamities.

  • Checking For Faulty Parts

Because the washing machine is mechanical, it is prone to damage and faults. Those faults may be, directly or indirectly, the source of the foul smells. A careful examination for faulty parts may sometimes expose the source of the problem. Do not attempt to repair the faults if the fault is electrical, if you do find a faulty part. Leave that to the professionals. Check carefully without touching any exposed electrical parts. If an unexposed wire or a pipe is out of place, you can correct it by putting it correctly. Sometimes, that is the only thing that makes the whole difference. In more complex cases, some parts may have stopped working and need to be replaced. Only then should you procure the services of professionals who can fix and replace said parts.

  • Call A Professional

Many of the reasons why a washing machine may be smelly are problems that can be solved by almost everyone. However, some problems are more technical than the average washing machine user can handle. Those sort of problems then require the attention of a professional. Someone who is an expert on washing machine use and repair. It is important to note that for complex cases like the issue of pipes and vents, you’ll need to call someone that can adequately and with the right equipment, make the proper changes to ensure that the smell dissipates.

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Do not try to fix issues that you do not know anything about. Doing that will not only worsen the situation. If you’re not careful, it may also even cause another new problem entirely. There are many of such professional services out there, but the pick of the bunch is BDS Drainage. Just put in a call to us today, and you’ll find that we have all the answers you seek.

Last Word

There are many reasons why washing machines and laundry rooms may smell like sewage or have a rotten-egg smell emanating from them. These problems are very common. There is absolutely no need for unnecessary stress and worry. Simply following the steps in this article will help you understand the source of the problem and even get rid of the smell. It is pertinent to remember that you cannot do everything by yourself. The self-tips in this article are self-explanatory but working on some of them may prove difficult for you if you don’t have the proper skills and knowledge of plumbing required. If you’re in such shoes, contact a professional today!

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