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By: BDS Drainage

Sewer Rats: How to Get Rid of Rats in Drains

A rat infestation is one of the worst situations that could ever occur in your home.

The rodents are only looking for food and shelter, but their diseases and general dirtiness makes them a huge health risk for the family.

Moreover, they can cause damage to the property too. Therefore, finding a quick way to move them on is essential.

The signs can vary from droppings, especially behind appliances, to sounds from the floorboards and wall cavities

While there are several potential points of entry to consider, the drainage and sewer system is the most common by far.

So, how can you stop this issue becoming a major cause for concern?

Identifying the problem is a major breakthrough in itself. Follow this up with these steps, and you won’t go far wrong.

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Fix Broken Drains

Drain systems can suffer damage over the years. When the problems caused by cracks and chips are cosmetic rather than functional, it can be very tempting to ignore them. Likewise, you may dismiss underground faults. Unfortunately, if the home has become infested by rates, there’s a very strong chance that this is the source of your problems.

The drainage system may have collapsed, or you may have an issue with the lining. A professional drain excavation may be the only answer. BDS Drainage can locate the source of those problems before repairing (or replacing) the affected pipework. This process may involve breaking the surface to find the damage too, but it is a far less daunting prospect that you probably fear.

Once the water is no leaking, the drains can become a less attractive prospect for the rats. Moreover, new piping may be more difficult for them to enter too. Then again, your work shouldn’t end there.

Install Rat Stops

Given that work is already being completed on the drainage system, this is the perfect time to complete further upgrades. Installing rat stops systems will help prevent rodents from entering the home, even when they try.

A rat stop is essentially a gate that will prevent rats from entering the property through your sewage system. Meanwhile, it will still allow water to flow freely. These can come in various designs including traditional gates and flaps that will only move in one direction. In either case, the pipe will still flow at almost full capacity.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to stop rats entering the external sewage system. Blocking access to the home via the drainage facilities is the best outcome you can hope for. This is easily the best way to achieve it.

Trap & Remove Current Infestation

Sadly, the fact that you have already suffered from an infestation means that there may still be rats lurking in the drains. If they are beyond the newly installed rat stops, it’s imperative that you find a way to rid your home of those rodents too. There are many options at your disposal, but the key factor is that you act quickly.

Traps are available in both lethal and non-lethal options. Alternatively, poisoned rat food can solve this current problem. In truth, different people will have varying views on the best way to handle the situation. Whatever happens, though, a speedy disposal is required. This step is best left to the professionals.

Once you’ve successfully removed the rats that had entered the home and installed a stopper, the bulk of your problems will be over. Nonetheless, the stress and seriousness of this ordeal highlight the fact that you’ll want to go the extra mile to ensure it never happens again.

Prevent Future Episodes Elsewhere

As already mentioned, sewers are the primary root of rat infestations but aren’t the only one. Therefore, if you wish to combat the threat of repeat situations, it’s imperative that you consider those other aspects.

Cleaning the affected parts of the home goes without saying. However, you’ll want to change your approach to food storage, feeding pets, and general tidiness around the home and garden. This can include avoiding organic foods for the compost heap and avoiding clutter in the home. Aside from minimising the appeal for rats, it can go a long way to stopping other bugs and critters too.

A rat infestation will ruin your happiness around the home. The longer you leave the issues untreated, the more damage and health risks you’ll encounter. Whether it’s fixing problematic drains, removing rodents from the home, or preventing future episodes doesn’t matter. Acting immediately is a must, and BDS Drainage is here to help.

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