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By: BDS Drainage

Commercial Drainage Problems

If you have ever been responsible for maintaining your own home, you are aware of the common problems that can go wrong with residential drains, and if you have lived with house mates, you have likely been involved in a bitter battle about which house mate was the cause of these problems.  People flush too much toilet paper at one time, and shower drains get clogged with hair.  (The house mate with the longest hair always ends up getting blamed for that last one.)  When it comes to commercial drainage systems in London and the surroundings, there are even more things that can go wrong.  These are some of the most common reasons that commercial sites require drain unblocking services.

Restaurants are among the businesses most likely to need drain unblocking.  This is because so much food waste goes through their drainage systems.  If you think about how much grease can accumulate in the drain of your kitchen sink when you wash dishes for a family of four, think about the sinks where the restaurant staff washes dishes for hundreds of patrons every day.  That is just counting the food residue left on the dishes.  If the restaurant has a garbage disposal, then there is even more food waste that can clog the commercial drainage pipes.

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Public toilets are also prone to needing drain unblocking.  Most people are very careful about not flushing too much paper down their toilets at home and are careful not to flush anything except septic tank safe toilet paper, but unfortunately they are not so considerate when it comes to public toilets. Especially if you are responsible for a big commercial property like a shopping centre, you are likely to have problems with blocked toilet drains.

Even when grease and non-flushable objects manage not to clog the pipes immediately beneath the sink or toilet, they can still clog the sewers.  This is not a concern for homeowners and apartment dwellers, when the gunk and rubbish just has to make it to the sewer at the end of the street, and then it is the city’s problem or the management office’s problem, but it is a problem when you are in charge of the entire shopping centre, and the sewers get clogged with grease or with paper towels and hygiene products that have been flushed.  At that time, your best choice is to call on professionals specializing in commercial drainage problems.

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