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How to Turn Your Water Supply On/Off – Locating & Operating the Water Shut-Off Valves

There are situations when you can find drips or plumbing issues and that’s why you have to learn how to turn off the water supply as fast as possible. With that in mind, here are the best options and ideas that you can use in this regard.

How to shut the water supply to the plumbing fixture?

This option is simple and it will help you quite a bit. The idea here is simple, you will need to find the valve that is found closes to the fixture and you will have to turn it clockwise. Most of the time this valve will be a metal one so you won’t have a problem identifying it at all times. After you do that, you will be free to perform any repairs that you might need.

You do have to drain some water and that’s why you should try to have a bucket close to you at all times. When you finished the process, try to turn the valve in a counter-clockwise position. This will bring back the water supply.

Shutting off the water supply for your entire house

You will need to figure out where the main shut off valve for your home is. This one is usually made out of brass and as for its location it’s most likely found in the region where water pipes are coming to your home. This can be either in a utility room, in a downstairs WC or in a kitchen.

You have to turn the valve clockwise as this will stop cold water supply in your home. Even if you did that, you should also try to turn on all the faucets as this will help you remove all the water from the system. Do the repairs and when everything is completed try to turn the valve counter clockwise to bring the water stream back to your home.

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How to shut the water supply for the property?

The best idea here is to talk with the water company first. If they are ok with this, you will need to find the outdoor shutoff valve because many houses have one and it can be found in a box right near the street or near your home.

Lift the cover, focus on the valve that has a handle and triple check to see if it’s the right one you want to stop. You will have to turn the gate valve clockwise as this will remove the water supply from your home. Take your time because if you do it properly the results can be great.

In the end, each one of these approaches can be very good, it all comes down to your needs. All you have to do is to take your time and figure out the best option. Once you do that, access it and continue with the repairs. Proper safety measures need to be taken here but if you take them the outcome can be a very good one for sure. Otherwise just give us a call on 08081 689 112 and a BDS emergency plumber will be with you in no time.

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