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By: BDS Drainage

6 Tips to Prevent Pipes from Freezing | Infographics

Frozen pipes are a major problem in homes located in regions with colder climates. A frozen pipe causes problems on multiple levels. Not only does it obstruct water supply but also increases the chances of a burst. A burst pipe needs extensive repairs and replacement and can cost hundreds of pounds, if not more. The infographic below touches upon a few answers on how to keep outside pipes from freezing.

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That said, freezing is not limited to only pipes on the outside. There are cases where even pipes inside the home tend to freeze and burst. One way to get around this is by keeping the heat in your home turned on. This is important especially when you are away from your home for a week or more. But if you want a more energy-efficient way of preventing the pipes from freezing, consider investing in extra insulation. Insulation to prevent freezing is available in various forms. You can choose to install insulating sleeves for individual pipes or reinforce the walls that cover them. The measures outlined in the infographic below will help you prevent your pipes from freezing.

However, if they do freeze or suffer a leak or burst because of the freezing, you can get in touch with us 24×7. BDS Drainage is a leading provider of plumbing services in London. We offer emergency plumbers in London who can help solve any problem with your drainage and plumbing system quickly and affordably.


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