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How to Get Rid of Smelly Drains?

The drainage system in our house and locality plays a pivotal role in keeping up the “goodness” in our lives. It helps us in getting rid of the wastes and dirty waters in the bathroom and kitchen of our house, thereby contributing to the cleanliness majorly. Therefore, it is very…


Top Property Care Tips as Winter Approaches

With the sunshine beaming down, sound of the kids in the garden splashing in the pool and the distinctive smell of BBQs across your neighbourhood do not put you in mind of colder times. BDS know that it's all too easy to use your new favourite summer book to wave...


Bin it, Don’t Flush! Why are my drains backing up?

Blocked Drains are a very common problem and most homeowners would’ve experienced some form of blockage within their home. With BDS’ years of experience with no-hassle drain unblocking and drainage solutions, we have built up a great reputation within the City Of London. We are open to give plumbing advice…