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How to Keep Your Drains Running Smoothly

Prevention is always more effective than cure and with the following helpful tips and tricks you will find it much easier to maintain your drains running smoothly.

Use Hot Water

Whether you are currently experiencing problems with your drains becoming slow or you are just thinking ahead so that the problems don’t arise in the future months, one good way to prevent blocked drains is to use pure, boiling water. Pouring three pots of boiling water down various sinks such as bathroom, kitchen or shower once a week will massively improve the overall flow of your drainage systems. It helps by minimising the amount of soap, hair and other cleaners that slowly build up inside the pipes over time. To take this even further to make sure all the bad stuff has gone for sure you can add vinegar or baking soda to the boiling water to ensure additional protection against further build up in the future.

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Use Biodegradable Drain Maintenance Products

Another alternative is too use a biodegradable drain maintenance product once each month, this will eat away at any hair, soap or unwanted bad bits that are stuck in the pipes. As a result you won’t have to open the pipes up or hire a plumber to clear them out for you when they get unhand able.

For more green ideas to unblock your drains you can check our homemade drain cleaners article.

What to Avoid

Other than that just watch out for what is going down the drains, avoid putting any fats, oils and grease down the sink and drains as well as larger items such as hair, food and cleansing products. Never flush heavy paper products down the drain as they are common culprits of clogging problems.

When Everything Else Fails

These are usually the easiest ways to naturally keep your drains running smoothly. If for any reason you are facing problems keeping your drains unblocked, please contact us on 08081 689112 (freephone) for a FREE, no obligation quote and advice.

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