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By: BDS Drainage

How to Unblock a Clogged Shower Drain?

None of us like to have dirty bathrooms and blocked drains in our house and prefer cleanliness and hygiene over anything else. But keeping up with our expectations of having clean shower rooms is not that easy. Often it is seen that people in the UK have complained about clogged drains and need to look out for services to clean the drains and save them the despair.

Although cleaning and removing the blockage from the drains can be done through drainage expert service providers, we still need to know the small tricks which can save us the harassment of dealing with clogged drains at the first place.

And so, before proceeding to the ways of unblocking a drain, we must know in brief about what causes the blockage and how we can prevent it from occurring. Let us know more about it below

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What are the Causes of Drain Blockage?

In most cases, the drain blockage occurs due to mishandling or improper maintenance of the drainage system. For example, people throw solid wastes in the shower or do not build a strong pipeline foundation when they make a drainage system. Also, the continuous usage of the shower essentials causes the clogs to double, like the soap scums or the skin flakes, etc.

The hairs of both men and women still top the list of reasons of drain blockage as they are almost non-degradable and hence get stuck on the pipeline for a longer period. When you use a low-quality pipeline or do not take proper care and maintenance of it, the rusts also become responsible for preventing the water from passing moderately through the drain.

Another very strong reason for less water inflow through the drain pipes is that the water strength is very low to push the wastes out of the pipeline. For that to stop, you must ensure heavy and strong water passage through the drainage so that it doesn’t clog the passage to entirety.

How we can prevent it?

The prevention of drain blockage includes not throwing such items in the shower which later on can create blockage problems. Also, one must focus on easy and simple techniques to carry on proper maintenance of the drains so that they don’t have to break their heads to find ways to unblock a drain.

Ways to get rid of Blocked Shower Drains!

If at all the drains of your shower gets blocked, here are some effective ways to get rid of it.

  • If you are comfortable with natural cleaning methods then you always have the option to opt for it. You might need a few natural substances like baking soda, boiling water and vinegar for the purpose. First, you need to pour the baking soda down the blocked drain followed by double the amount of boiling water. And then you should again pour baking soda, this time accompanied by vinegar of almost 1-2 cups. Also, ensure these mixes travel as far as possible so that they can naturally dissolute the clogs and free the drain of the blockage.
  • Apart from the natural means, there are chemical means through which the clogs can be removed. This is considered as one of the most common methods of sewer cleaning as because most of the times the blockage occurs due to the formation of heavy grease on the pipeline and when you use such chemicals or liquids that dissolute the grease, it becomes easy to get rid of the blockage faster.
  • Of late, the compressed air method has also become popular in and around the UK for unlocking the drains. The power and force that compressed air is comprised of have great ability to free the drain of the clogs that generally consists of hard wastes. When you know the compressed air through the opening of the pipe. It allows you to blow the accumulation of wastes to free the passage of water through the drain.
  • Much like the power of the air, we also know about the force of water and so, the option to use jet sprays for cleaning the drains of the clogs is also something that is preferred by the drain cleaners to unblock the drains.
  • When the blockage is not heavy and can be dealt with easily then you can use drain rods all by yourself to clean the garbage or solid wastes from the pipeline and make it free of the blockage.

It is recommended that you opt for regular cleaning of the drains even if there is no sign of blockage as it ensures the prevention of blockages by a greater extent. Also, the natural means of cleaning must be carried out once a month or at least in alternate months to be sure of any kind of wastes accumulation on the pipeline. It is better to prevent the drains from getting clogged rather than finding ways to unblock it when it gets clogged.

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