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By: BDS Drainage

What are the Causes for a Blocked Toilet?

Despite what we may think about blocked toilets, it is not the end of the world.
There are many quick and easy ways to try to fix a clogged toilet yourself before you need to call out for help.

What are the Main Causes for a Blocked Toilet?

  • Children flushing toys and food down the toilet
  • Women flushing away feminine hygiene products.
  • Too much tissue being flushed down.
  • Nappies can cause immediate blockage and baby wipes after being built up over time can block the toilet.
  • Items such as cotton wool pads which absorb water can also eventually cause a blockage.

How to Unclog a Toilet Without a Plunger

Unclogging a toilet can seem like a lot of hassle, but it doesn’t have to be if you know the right tricks.

If you don’t have a plunger, then another way to unclog a toilet would be through using a drain cleaning chemical. Pour the chemical down the toilet and after 15 minutes, anything blocking your toilet should have broken down.

You will know when it is working, due to the water level in the toilet decreasing. When the water level is low, flush the toilet and it should be back in running order.

How to Plunge a Toilet

Are you unsure of how to unclog a toilet with a plunger? With our step-by-step instructions, there is no need to panic.

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Firstly, you must ensure your plunger has a fold out rubber cap that is specifically designed for the opening of the toilet trap.

Push the toilet plunger down, pushing firmly against the toilet trap, then pull it back without allowing the plunger to leave the trap.

Repeat this several times, making sure you apply the same amount of pressure when both pushing and pulling the plunger.

If it is working, the water level in the toilet will go down.

When the water level is low, flush the toilet. If you notice that the water takes a while to go down still, then use the plunger again. If there is still no improvement then use the toilet auger.

Toilet Auger

When all else fails, then it is time to use the toilet auger (otherwise known as a toilet snake).
What is an auger, you ask? An auger is shaped like a J and is made up of a cable and a handle.

Wondering how to use a toilet auger? Here’s how:

Firstly pull the handle out and put the tip of the toilet auger into the toilet trap.
Turning the handle, fully extend the cable down the trap to help budge any tough spots down the toilet’s u-trap.

After repeating this a few times you should gradually see the water level go down.
Once it is at a low level, reverse the handle, taking the auger out of the toilet, so that you can flush the toilet.

If all three of these methods failed to work, then it is time to call us to supply you with our blocked toilet repair and maintenance services.

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