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By: BDS Drainage

How to Get Rid of Smelly Drains?

The drainage system in our house and locality plays a pivotal role in keeping up the “goodness” in our lives. It helps us in getting rid of the wastes and dirty waters in the bathroom and kitchen of our house, thereby contributing to the cleanliness majorly.

Therefore, it is very important that we keep our drains not only clean but properly maintain it so that it does not give us pain in any way. And with pain, it means, the blocking of the drainage system, an unhygienic drainage, smelly drains, etc.

When the drainage is free of all these issues, a cleaner and proper functioning of it is highly expected. But even though, the blockage and other concerns are dealt with utmost care and sincerity while building the drains, it is the smelly affairs that burden the homeowners or the passersby of the street with a foul-smelling drain.

There are so many reasons why the drains start smelling foul after a certain period of time and we shall know them first, before jumping to the remedies of getting rid of the smelly drains.

The causes of drain odour

  • Bacteria and clogs– the blocked drains and the accumulation of bacteria are the most common reason of the drain smelling foul. Whenever you notice that the sink or the pipeline is clogged and the smell is coming from thereon, be assured that it is because of the buildup of bacteria on the pipeline due to the accumulation of stuff like hair, grease, and other debris on the pipeline.

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  • Water issues– the sulfate concentration of the water makes it smelly and when it comes in contact with the water heaters, it reacts in a way that creates rotten egg kind of smell, thereby leading to the foul smelly drain.
  • sewer smells– in most cases where maybe the drain is left unused for long, the sewer smell rises up the drain and causes it to smell foul. Also, sewer gas leaks can show the same consequences if left untreated.
  • Mould/mildews– in case of leakage in the pipe, the mould or the mildews start building up. When they grow in large quantity, they start smelling foul which in turn causes the foul smelling of the entire drainage system.

Well, these were the most relevant reasons why a drain smells foul. Now, we must move on to the ways of getting rid of the smelly drains at the most convenient tactics. 

Read on to know more

  • For odour created due to clogs, bacteria, and blockages– in most cases, the removal of the bacteria from the drainage or the pipeline can be a sure shot remedy for dealing with the foul-smelling drains. And for that, you don’t have to go through difficult techniques; you can even kill them with the implementation of boiling water alone! Apart from that, using bleach with the hot water or mixing vinegar and baking soda with the boiling water and pouring it down the drain pipe can cause the killing of the bacteria and the clogs which causes the foul smell, thereby ridding the drain of the smell.
  • For odour created due to sewer and empty taps of the drains– it is evident that to keep away the sewer gas from rising up, you need to refrain the taps from being empty for long. When the taps are filled with water and it the wastes waters keep running throughout the pipes, the chances of sewer gas causing the drain to smell foul are lesser.
  • For odour created due to water issues– as it is mainly caused due the water heater issues, you can utilize it for treating the same as well; turn the heat more and that will kill the bacteria and deal with the sulfate concentration of the water which causes the drain to smell foul.
  • For odour created due to plumbing, moulds, and mildew related issues– while all other options can be implemented through the DIY techniques this one might need a plumber to fix it. The leaks in the pipeline or the growing mould and mildews must be checked well and if they are not in a proper condition, they might also require replacement to prevent the bad smell of the drainage system.


So, these are some of the reasons of smelly drains and the remedies to treat them, so that you can get rid of the foul smell effectively. But no matter what, we all must know how to unblock a drain or rather how to prevent the drains from getting blocked or clogged as it counts for the most common reason of the uncouth smell of the drains that becomes unbearable at times. The above-mentioned techniques can surely be of help if implemented in the right manner!

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