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By: BDS Drainage

5 Common Blocked Drains Myths & Misconceptions

There are a number of myths concerning blocked drains and how to approach resolving them. Here are the top five you need to be aware of:

1. Just Pour It

Many of us like to engage in home-cooking, unfortunately this is not very good for our kitchen sink drainage performances. ‘Just Pour it’ is the attitude of many home owners, unaware of the risks. BDS can inform you that cooking oils, grease and fat should be disposed of separately and not poured into your drain.

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2. Pushing and Prodding

Many people expect that simply attempting to push the blockage will solve it. Actually, pushing a blockage may resume near to normal water flow, but the clogging could still be present further into your pipes and it will only eventually block repeatedly in future. It is also possible to damage pipes by sticking things in them!

3. Do It Yourself

Be careful of DIY manuals, websites and articles that will lead you to believe plumbing is a DIY job. A BDS professional is always better equipped to tackle plumbing and drainage problems in a commercial or industrial building or within a household. Please never attempt to DIY sewer problems or major water overflows! These are a huge health and safety risk, remember to keep children and animals away from the premises.

4. It’s Not My Problem

Sometimes householders disbelieve that they are responsible for either the drainage system or sewers. It is true that underground piping can be tricky know who is held responsible. You may find more details on our sewer pipe and root blockages page.

5. Chemicals are Best

Chemicals are dangerous and a health hazard, especially for anyone unqualified to use them. Our engineers know that different types of blocked drains need various solutions. For example, a standing water blockage within a kitchen sink should be handled differently to a blocked bath with small drainage or a kitchen sink with no waterflow. BDS engineers are trained to solve plumbing and drainage issues with their wide knowledge of the subject and the BDS guarantee can ensure great effectiveness on every job.

Blocked Drains can vary from a small blockage within your sink or they could be pipes on the exterior of your property, underground and need excavation or CCTV drain survey services. Bigger blockages will take longer to clear but BDS always aim to be as fast as possible while still giving a top quality service. We want our custom to be pleased, safe and we will leave your property with clear drains every time!

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