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By: BDS Drainage

Collapsed Drain Repair: 7 Signs You May Have a Collapsed Drain

All drain-related damage requires your attention as leaving it too long can lead to very costly repair jobs.

Nonetheless, some issues are far more serious than others.

They subsequently demand immediate action. A collapsed drain certainly falls into that category.

There is a very long list of potential causes.

However, they aren’t overly important until after you’ve fixed the problem and start to think about preventing repeat damage.

Right now, the key is to get the damage rectified ASAP.

The first step is to acknowledge that a collapsed drain could be the source of your drainage problems and will require immediate drain repairs to prevent further issues.

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Here are seven signs to look out for.

Collapsed Drain Sign #1: Damp

The blockages caused by a collapsed drain will stop water from passing freely. In turn, this will almost always result in water escaping to reach the surrounding ground. This will often result in damp patches to the walls and floors.

Alternatively, you may start to see cracks in your pipes. If located just outside the property, there could be fungus growth on the external walls too. While this is far from being the only cause of damp, this is a symptom where investigations will be required.

Collapsed Drain Sign #2: Odours

Bad smells can surface from your sinks for many reasons, so you’ll want to try flushing them first. Then again, if the odours keep returning there is probably a blockage rather than a simple build up of junk. Given that this is caused by damaged piping at one location or another, a collapsed drain is a very real possibility.

If the smells come from several units around the home, there’s a strong chance that the issue is located further down the line. Alternatively, those odours may emanate from the outside drain covers.

Collapsed Drain Sign #3: Slow Drainage

When waste disposal starts to slow, there’s often a blockage of some kind. When this reduced performance occurs over an extended period, there’s a good chance that there’s a simple obstruction in the system.

Conversely, a sudden change may indicate that there is a collapsed drain. After all, this will produce a far greater blockage than debris and other small materials. Again, an attempted flush of the system should remove accumulated materials. So if this doesn’t fix the issue, a collapsed drain will suddenly look far more probable.

Collapsed Drain Sign #4: Sewage Accumulation

Blockages are a common factor, particularly for poorly designed systems. Many homeowners subsequently have to deal with this as part of their property maintenance. However, it’s the frequency of those sewage backups that should concern you.

Once again, a collapsed drain will accelerate damage growth due to the severe disruptions. If you feel that the sewage buildup has become a common problem for your household, this is a possibility that must be investigated ASAP.

Collapsed Drain Sign #5: Grass Patches

Collapsed drains can occur both in and outside of the property. Given that the leaking water can serve as fertiliser, this may result in vegetation growth in unexpected areas.

Alternatively, you may find that some patches of your lawn suddenly start to grow in a different fashion compared to the rest. A more intense greenness is a particular trend to observe. As with many symptoms, collapsed drains are only one potential source of trouble. If linked to other signs, though, this could be the answer.

Collapsed Drain Sign #6: Infestations

Theoretically, it would seem that unwanted rodents or insects would be a sign that the pipes are flowing freely. However, sewer rats and other critters can squeeze through very small gaps.

Collapsed drains can create access points, which may encourage them to enter your home. Infestations are a serious problem of themselves. So, seeking quick action for the potential drain collapse is essential. Otherwise, both issues could turn into very costly situations.

Collapsed Drain Sign #7: Subsidence

Water leakages caused by collapsed drains can cause some very serious problems. Subsidence is one of the most severe. A visible slump in the ground is only likely to appear after the problems have been left untreated for a long time.

Collapsed drains are one of the leading causes. Therefore, if this symptom starts to show, it’s imperative that you locate and rectify the damage immediately. Leave it any longer, and the sinking could lead to a homeowner’s disaster.

Whats Next?

Once you’ve spotted signs of a potential drain collapse, it’s vital that you get it inspected at the earliest stage possible. Quick identification and reaction will allow you to minimise the damage and prevent further problems.

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