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Rain Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Blocked drains are the most awful & unwanted situation anyone wants to be in. It is one whole of a messy scene, wherein you encounter dirt, debris, twigs, leaves and whole lot of different stuff that eventually result into clogged drains. Rain gutter must be cleaned at least twice a...


Tips to Prevent Frequent Drain and Sewer Blockage Issues

Drain and sewer system has become a very important part of modern domestic and commercial properties that we cannot live without. Our homes, hotels, offices, and institutions rely on them to dispose excess water and waste in an effective and hygienic manner. Unfortunately, drain care and maintenance has never been...


How to Get Rid of Smelly Drains?

The drainage system in our house and locality plays a pivotal role in keeping up the “goodness” in our lives. It helps us in getting rid of the wastes and dirty waters in the bathroom and kitchen of our house, thereby contributing to the cleanliness majorly. Therefore, it is very…


Top 5 Plumbing Emergencies that requires professional plumber | Infographics

At one point or another, most of us will come across a plumbing emergency at our homes. It is nothing but an uninvited trouble which can incite mental and physical pain and eat up your huge time and money if not handled properly. In addition, they can be a major...


How to Unblock a Clogged Shower Drain?

None of us like to have dirty bathrooms and blocked drains in our house and prefer cleanliness and hygiene over anything else. But keeping up with our expectations of having clean shower rooms is not that easy. Often it is seen that people in the UK have complained about clogged…


6 Tips to Prevent Pipes from Freezing | Infographics

A burst pipe needs extensive repairs and replacement and can cost hundreds of pounds, if not more. The infographic below touches upon a few answers on how to keep outside pipes from freezing.


How to Waterproof Basement or Cellar Using Tanking

What Is Cellar Tanking? Cellar tanking (also known as Basement tanking) is the term used for the process of applying a waterproof layer that acts as a coating on the walls and floor of a cellar or basement. This waterproof layer acts as a water repellant that completely waterproofs your…


All about the London Thames Tideway Tunnel Project

The Thames Tideway Tunnel construction is already underway. But how exactly will the Thames Tideway Tunnel project help? Why are things the way they are now? How much will this tunnel cost the taxpayer? For answers to those and many more questions, read on.


The Importance of Regular Drain Cleaning | Infographic

The drains in your house connect to a larger network of pipes like the London sewage system. All the wastewater from your house is carried by these drains and pipes to the main sewage line. Therefore, it’s very important that the drains and pipes in your house flow smoothly. And…


How to Unblock a Drain

Is your sink draining slowly? Or does a pungent smell come from your drains? Well, this may be due to a blockage of your drain. The outdoor drain pipe performs an essential function in transporting sewage and wastewater from your home to the sewer line. So, when this vital pipe...