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Top 8 Creative Plumbing Designs from Pinterest & Instagram

Plumbing can be such a boring thing, however it only takes that one unique individual to have a brain wave to make something so ordinary, into something uniquely creative.


5 Common Summer Plumbing Problems and its Fixes

Summer has finally arrived, which means that homeowners have yet another enjoyable activity to look out for… summer plumbing problems.


History of Drainage Systems: Historical Development of Sewers in London

It is time to open our eyes to the drainage system and to learn its fascinating history. Read on to find out the history of drainage systems.


Do Chemical Drain Cleaners Really Work?

Chemical Drain Cleaners: To help bring light to the matter we have done our research and have written down all of the information you need to know.


How to Clean & Maintain Your Dishwasher

Christmas is now over and the new year has finally started. It is fair to say that it has been a very busy season for dishwashers, cleaning those endless plates, bowls, cups and cutlery from our family gatherings and parties. While dishwasher salt, dishwasher tablets and dishwasher cleaners can assist...


How to Clean a Kitchen Sink

Cleaning the kitchen (or bathroom) sink no doubt sounds easy enough, but what about all those hard to scrub tea and coffee stains?


Bin it Don’t Flush it

Are you 100% sure you know what you can and can’t flush away? In our daily lives, we don’t take much notice of what we wash down the plug hole or flush down the toilet. However, due to the importance of the topic on sewer blockages and pipe blockages, we…


How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

Nothing is more annoying than finding split pipes, which is why we are here with our tips to prevent frozen pipes. December is such a costly time with Christmas and heating bills, that having to pay out for plumbers to fix you pipe work is the last thing you need….


5 Strange Things Found in Drains

Have you ever wondered what caused your blocked pipes or why there was recently blocked sewer drains? While at the time, experiencing a blocked drainage pipe or sewer may be incredibly annoying, it is interesting to find out what caused the problem. Generally, it is because we have been flushing…


What are the Causes for a Blocked Toilet?

Despite what we may think about blocked toilets, it is not the end of the world. There are many quick and easy ways to try to fix a clogged toilet yourself before you need to call out for help. What are the Main Causes for a Blocked Toilet? Children flushing…