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By: BDS Drainage

Plumber vs Drainage Contractor: Who Deals With What

Plumber vs Drainage Contractor: Who Deals With What

Water is an essential part of every home. The inflow or outflow of this particular resource has to be smooth and regularised. A blocked sink, leaky faucet or a blocked drainage line is not only a headache but also a cause of health hazard (ie asthma). Or if a blocked or leaking drainage line, even if it is in the exterior of the house left as it is for too long can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies and other insects. These are the problems that need to be taken care of immediately and need the attention of the drainage experts.

Whenever you are faced with any such issues you know you need a professional to handle the job. But the first question that arises is – Whom do I call? Do I need a drainage contractor or will a plumber be able to do a better job? Though both of them deal with all issues related to water, sewages and drainage the difference lies in the complexity of the problem.

Do I Need A Drainage Expert?

It is best to seek the services of a drainage expert when:

• Drains require unblocking.
• Replacing or relining of the drainage pipes is required.
• When there are instances of burst external pipes.
• You will require a drainage expert to deal with faulty sewer pipes do the contents of the pipe, as plumbers are not accomplished enough to handle such issues.
• The tanker service operated by drainage specialists is imperative for the safe transport of foul waste in case you have a septic tank in your property.

Apart from repairing and unblocking services and handling foul waste regular surveillance by the drainage contractor can curb drainage problems, before they become severe and the reliability of the pipes is compromised.

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Do I Need A Plumber?

Plumbing services can be sought when:

• There is a leaking tap.
• Toilet, basin or sink needs to be repaired or replaced.
• There is a leak in the pipe line in the interiors of the home.
• The bathtub has a blocked drain.
• Installation or replacement of taps, showers, sinks, bathtubs and faucets.


In short, a plumber is well adept at handling the simple plumbing jobs required inside a house or a commercial property and complicated problems need the attention of a drainage expert.

BDS Drainage is a well established drainage company providing excellent solutions for all drain related issues in and around London, Essex, Surrey & Kent. If you need our help with your plumbing or drainage problem, just give us a call and a BDS engineer will be with you in no time.

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